Why Is Family Dentistry Important for Oral Health?

Why Is Family Dentistry Important For Oral Health?

If you have a lot of children and you live in North Vancouver, you know that choosing the best dentist can be a challenge. Things like different dentists for each family member and flexible appointments are two common concerns.

Additional worries include the time, cost, and insurance coverage for procedures or other services.

However, with family dentistry, all of these fears will begin to vanish. Family dentistry is extremely important for oral health, erasing the need for numerous dentists and the nervousness around adaptable scheduling.

Have you been Googling, "family dentist North Vancouver" for far too long? Keep reading to learn more about why family dentistry is crucial for proper oral health.

A Wide Range of Services

At a family dentist office, there are a variety of services offered to best suit the needs of you and your children. Some of these services or procedures include:

  • Routine dental exams
  • Cavity fillings
  • Gum disease treatments
  • Digital x-rays
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatments

A major service provided by a family dentist is orthodontic treatment, which many children and teenagers require. Orthodontic treatment is used to correct bite issues. Braces and Invisalign are the two most common methods.

One of the benefits of family dentistry, though, is that the dentists understand how teeth develop as children grow.

If they do have bite issues, taking them to a family dentist will ensure that treatment is implemented early on before it gets worse and causes additional problems. Family dentists have the tools for early detection!

Education for Parents and Children

Part of child development as a whole is learning how to take care of oneself, a.k.a personal hygiene. When children are introduced to this at a young age, their independence blossoms, and they feel supported in whatever they do.

As we adults know, part of personal hygiene is brushing and flossing our teeth to maintain a healthy mouth.

Family dentistry is a fantastic opportunity for parents to learn about how to encourage toothbrushing, what kinds of dental supplies to use at home (and which to avoid), and how to identify types of oral health issues.

Even for children, there is something to learn from a family dentist. The dentist is typically a master at making it fun yet educational – they can explain the process and what kinds of tools they are using.

A Helping Hand for the Whole Family

By looking into family dentistry, you are being a helping hand for your entire family.

Sure, having all of your family members see one dentist is majorly convenient – but there are other benefits you may not have considered, one of them being that parents can provide emotional support for children with a fear of dentists.

Additionally, having the whole family receive services from the same dentist allows for the dentist to get to know your entire family. This is helpful in discovering any potential dental conditions that could be passed down.

Family Dentistry: It's Worth It

Not only is family dentistry worth educating yourself about, but it is extremely important in maintaining the oral health of you and your family members. These dentists specialize in caring for groups of people!

With a wide range of offered services, having the opportunity to learn about oral health, being able to help everyone at the same time, and receiving preventative care, what's not to love about family dentistry?

At IQ Dental, we provide care that is affordable and comprehensive. If your family is in need of dental care, please request an appointment with our lead dentist, Dr. Peyman Safari-Pour.


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