Dr. Mohammad Moshtaghi

Dr. Mohammad Moshtaghi

General Dentist

 Dr. Mohammad Moshtaghi, affectionately known as Dr. Mo, is a skilled dentist from Iran. Since 2001, he has specialized in focusing on challenging implant cases, demonstrating expertise in intricate procedures such as immediate implant placement, sinus lift, bone grafting, and more, with a high success rate. After earning his DDS in 1995 and an MSc in Periodontics in 2001, Dr. Mo ran a successful private practice in Iran, serving as an assistant professor at Guilan University. 

In 2015, Dr. Mo brought his expertise to Canada, where he's been a licensed general dentist. His main focus remains on precise implant surgeries, tackling complicated cases that demand his skill and experience. 

Driven by a passion for learning, he actively participates as both an instructor and a student in specialized courses, staying at the forefront of advanced implant dentistry. 

Beyond the dental chair, Dr. Mo enjoys skiing, biking, and quality time with his family. His journey reflects a commitment to excellence in a range of challenging implant surgeries, making a lasting impact on the field of dentistry. 

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