Cosmetic Neuromodulator In North Vancouver

Cosmetic Neuromodulator Services

The Experts at IQ Dental provide Cosmetic Neuromodulator Services in North Vancouver which can help you to eliminate Wrinkles, and Frown Lines and make a more Youthful Appearance. Cosmetic Neuromodulator Services are appropriate for Aging Skin, Crow's Feet, Excessive Sweating, Wrinkles, Frown Lines, and Forehead Furrows.


What are Neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators are Non-Surgical Injectable Treatments that are used to relax the muscles that Develop Wrinkles and Frown Lines such as Deep Forehead Wrinkles, Crow Feet, and Laugh Lines. Moreover, Neuromodulators prevent the Contraction of the Muscles in the Face, which Relaxes and Softens the Skin. This can have the results of Lessening, Eliminating Wrinkles, and Contouring the Face to look Younger and More Rested.

Treatment and Result

Neuromodulator Injections pain is minimal, with virtually no Recovery Period. To Lessen any Pain or Discomfort, the Clinician may decide to apply a Cold Compress and/or apply a Numbing Cream to the area before Administering the injection. Also, patients should be careful NOT to Massage the Areas that have been treated because doing so could cause the active agent to spread to another area. Very few patients may experience some minor redness following Treatment, which typically lasts for an hour or so. Patients hardly ever encounter minor bruising, edema, or headaches.

You will notice the effects within days that could last up to three to four months. Neuromodulator injections won't significantly alter your facial appearance but will soften your face overall. You can still frown or seem surprised without deepening the lines and wrinkles since the muscles that create them are less active.

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