Invisalign Treatment In North Vancouver


Invisalign Treatment In North Vancouver

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We are a Gold Invisalign® Provider

Dr. Bahar Gamini is a Gold Invisalign Provider, which is because of her level of education and experience with Invisalign.

Professional North Vancouver Invisalign Treatment

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Personalized Invisalign Treatment to Align Your Teeth

Want to straighten your teeth without the hassle of wearing metal wires and brackets?

Invisalign braces are the way to go. These clear aligners straighten your teeth without the discomfort of metal braces. What’s more, they correct spaced and crowded teeth faster than traditional orthodontics.

At IQ Dental, we offer advanced Invisalign treatment to properly align your teeth and enhance your smile. Our cosmetic dentist in North Vancouver will also improve your bite so you enjoy strong, healthy teeth for longer.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

  • Comfortable
  • Invisalign offers maximum comfort since it doesn’t involve wires and brackets that may irritate your mouth.

  • Hardly Noticeable
  • Invisalign aligners are clear and hardly noticeable. This means you can smile with confidence without fear of people noticing your braces. These braces are a great option for adults and teens who want to live life without the hassle of metal braces.

  • Convenient
  • These clear aligners are removable, allowing you to clean your teeth effectively. Even better, you don’t have to worry about quitting your favorite foods, whether they’re hard or chewy.

  • Better Dental Health
  • Having straight teeth is good not only good for your gums but also your general oral health. Invisalign helps eliminate crowding and spaces in your teeth, making dental care fast and easy.

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For more than 35 years, we have been providing comprehensive dental care to the good people of North Vancouver and surrounding areas. Our professional and friendly dentists ensure each patient receives individualized treatment depending on their dental needs.

As a reputable North Vancouver dental practice, we’re always evaluating and embracing the latest dental technologies to ensure we offer the very best service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Get a Confident Smile with Our Comprehensive Invisalign Treatment

Tired of spaced or crooked teeth ruining your smile? Visit IQ Dental and get custom and affordable Invisalign treatment.

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