Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency in North Vancouver

Dental Emergency

If you are looking for a dental emergency service in North Vancouver, just call us. You can get through this with the support of the experts at IQ Dental in North Vancouver, who will also help you feel at ease. "Oral-facial trauma, substantial infection, continuous bleeding, or discomfort that cannot be controlled by over-the-counter drugs" are all considered dental emergencies. Hence, if you are suffering from them, just call IQ Dental at North Vancouver for your Emergency Dental care.

It can be challenging to distinguish between dental issues that need to be treated right once and those that can wait. Most of the time, whether you get to keep an affected tooth or not depends on how quickly you attend the dentist. Dental crises can happen anytime, day or night, and can be extremely painful. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you should contact a North Vancouver emergency dentist at IQ Dental.

What seems to be a dentistry emergency?

The following conditions require emergency dental care; therefore, you should seek treatment immediately away if you have them:

  • Severe tooth pain:

    You should seek emergency dental care as soon as you develop severe and ongoing tooth pain. In addition to providing pain treatment, your dentist can help determine the precise source of the discomfort.

  • Bleeding gums:

    You should see an emergency dentist if your gums are bleeding significantly, consistently, and the bleeding is accompanied by discomfort and edema.

  • Loose and lost fillings or crowns:

    Pain and a metallic aftertaste might result from a dental filling or crown that is loose or has fallen out. Your risk of getting cavities or an infection decreases the sooner you have them replaced or fixed.

  • Fractured tooth or cracked tooth:

    You should get emergency dental care if you chip, shatter, or fracture a tooth, or if one is loose or has been entirely knocked out. Your emergency dentist can save your tooth and assist with pain alleviation.

  • Swollen jaw or mouth:

    An infection, gum disease, or in extreme situations, cancer may be the cause of a swollen jaw or mouth. Visit a dental emergency clinic to establish what is causing the swelling.

At IQ Dental in North Vancouver, you can count on the physicians and staff to assist you as soon as possible if you experience a dental emergency. The IQ Dental Team will make every effort to schedule your appointment for at least pain relief and/or medications on the same day that you call. The majority of routine dental crises can be treated by us including all the above-mentioned issues.

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