How Dental Extractions Pave the Way for Better Oral Health

We all go through that fledgling phase where our milk teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth. But these brand-new teeth that come in around age six are for life. They shouldn't be exiting our mouths unless there's a good reason.

In a recent study, the need for tooth extractions was found to be more common among male participants and smokers. Below, we explore other risk factors and reasons why dental extractions are necessary.


When permanent teeth come in, they jostle for space in your jaw. You may even be one of the few people who sprout extra teeth.

When there's not enough room to go around, teeth crookedly slot themselves in wherever they can. Your oral hygiene is affected and, at an already awkward age, so is your smile.

This is where braces come in. Orthodontists have to create space to be able to straighten teeth optimally. This can involve using a palate widener or doing one or more extractions.

Tooth Decay, Trauma or Infection

Teeth can decay or become infected to a point where they can't be saved even with a root canal. In this scenario, extraction can help eliminate the negative effects of 'rotten' teeth including pain.

If you've injured your mouth and your tooth splits, removing it from its socket may be a sound course of action.

Troublesome Wisdom Teeth

You may have heard of someone getting their wisdom teeth removed. Impacted wisdom teeth don't line up with the chompers next to them. This becomes a bother when food lodges around and in between these teeth.

It can lead to plaque build-up and inflammation of the gums, among other problems. Dentists tend to be conservative about pulling teeth out. But because these large molars often cause dental issues, extractions are not unusual.

Other Health Reasons

A child's baby teeth can take longer to fall out than they should. In these cases, your pediatric dentist may consider extracting to help the process along.

Cancer patients who are due to undergo chemotherapy should see their dentist a few weeks before commencing treatment in case extractions are required. Extractions after treatment can cause bone tissue death.

Before trying to fall pregnant, it's worth going to a dentist to address any oral health issues you may have. There's a small chance that poor oral health coupled with pregnancy hormones can affect the fetus. Where a tooth is beyond repair, pulling it out may be best for you and your baby.

Key Takeaway

If your dentist informs you that you need to remove a tooth, don't be afraid. Extractions are not uncommon and you have options for pain management which can make the process a smooth one. Where necessary, extracting teeth can dramatically improve your oral health and quality of life.

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