How Can I Reduce My Costs for Dental Care?

Have you been putting off a much-needed dentist visit because the idea of spending all that money on your teeth is more painful than the work that needs doing? Dental care should cause you less pain, not more!

If this is a dilemma you face every time you need a check-up or a filling, don’t agonize over it anymore. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that can help you cut the cost of that pesky dental visit!

So, what are these wonderful, money-saving ideas? Keep reading and we will tell you!

Dental School

For those of you who don’t have dental coverage, or want to save a bit of money, look for a dental school. Hearing the words “school” and “dental” together may make you feel anxious, but there is no reason to be.

While you are offering the students a much-appreciated chance to get some hands-on experience, they are all supervised by a licensed dentist. You can save between 20 and 70 percent on dental costs.

Unnecessary Procedures

Unfortunately, some dental rooms upsell their procedures. Crowns and root canals are not always needed but are often pitched as the only option, when all you need is a filling or an extraction.

Trying to get clients to agree to expensive or elective cosmetic treatments is not ethical. Cleaning is another easy money maker and one that none of us question, but you don’t need to have your teeth cleaned at every visit unless you have gum disease.

Membership Plans and Discounts

Ask your local dental surgery about in-house membership plans or discounts. Many dentists now offer dental care or payment plans to their patients that do not have a dental cover option.

This means you will pay them a monthly fee, and in turn, all your preventative work will be done at no extra charge, and procedures will be offered at a discounted price.

Low-Cost Clinics

Do some research in your area and see which government-funded or nonprofit clinics offer oral care. Just be aware that you will wait some time for an appointment as they are in high demand. Alternatively, ask around the local dentist’s room and see if any of them offer a free or low-cost day.

Look After Your Teeth

It is always said that prevention is better than cure, and this is the case with oral hygiene. If you take good care of your teeth, then your visits to the dentist should be limited to simple preventative care and not costly procedures. Brush your teeth twice a day and maintain a healthy diet and make regular checkup appointments with your dentist.

Taking the Pain Out of Dental Care

There is no need to dread visiting the dentist. Make sure you do your research if you are shopping around for a new dental care provider and know what your options are for dentists in north Vancouver. It is also worth knowing which procedures are considered cosmetic or unnecessary.

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