Canal Therapy North Vancouver: What is Root Canal Therapy?

Canal Therapy North Vancouver: What is Root Canal Therapy?

Most people think that "root canals" (the ley term for root canal therapy) are painful and costly, but that's not the full truth. When you don't get a root canal, you're trading your own comfort and, eventually, more money.

There are plenty of reasons for you to choose a canal therapy in North Vancouver, or a dentist at Lonsdale, and alleviate your pain.

What Is Canal Therapy?

Canal therapy is the procedure that most people call a root canal. Essentially, this procedure goes into the pulp of your tooth. This is the part of your tooth underneath what you can see, and canal therapy focuses on pulp that's become exposed because of disease or inflammation.

It's a pretty quick procedure, and most patients can go right back to their daily lives as soon as it's over. However, your mouth can still be numb for a few hours afterward, so eating or drinking has to wait.

Why Is Canal Therapy the Best Option?

The reason people have to go through canal therapy is because of sensitivity to hot or cold foods, and this means pain for the patient. Canal therapy relieves that pain long-term, and it also prevents further damage that can be much more expensive.

Canal therapy has changed throughout the years, so don't rely on outdated information. Nowadays, root canals have become less painful and more cost-effective than ever. While dental procedures can be intimidating or tough, you're only hurting yourself by waiting, literally.

Root Canal FAQ

Since there's so much false information going around about what canal therapy is, here are some common topics that are tied to root canals.

Root Canals vs Fillings

A root canal, or canal therapy, focuses on cleaning the infection from the pulp of the tooth. However, a filling is just that—it removes part of your tooth while replacing it with a filling.

Do Root Canals Cause Health Problems?

Absolutely not! In fact, root canals, or canal therapy, are only used to prevent further health problems. If you need canal therapy and you ignore it, you can actually cause more damage to your teeth. This can result in tooth decay, which is more painful and more expensive to treat than a root canal issue.

Root Canal Treatment Side Effects

The only real side effect that comes with canal therapy is the numbness that accompanies it. Nowadays, the procedure is fairly quick and simple, but the numbing shot can stick around for a few hours. You'll need to be prepared to hold off on eating or drinking for roughly two hours after you've undergone canal therapy.

Canal Therapy in North Vancouver

If you're ready to take the next step and save yourself pain and money with canal therapy in North Vancouver, then it's time to book an appointment! Here at IQ Dental, we want to help you in every way we can.

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